Thank You Certificate

Thank You Certificate Template

We have some sample thank you certificate templates below. You can change any border or background so this is just a small sample of the designs available. We also offer a certificate of appreciation and a certificate of recognition.

Pretty Floral Templates

Free printable thank you certificate templates that are more suitable for women. They can be edited to create a gift card, greeting card or a thank you gift certificate template.

Thank you certificate
Thank you certificate template


Floral certificate template
Flower certificate template


Formal Templates

The following templates can be used for any certificate of thanks and appreciation such as a thank you certificate for employees or volunteers. The designs are pretty formal. This is only a sample of the designs available and you are sure to find one you like.

Thank you award certificate
Appreciation certificate


Thank you award
Thank you for your service award
Certificate of appreciation


Appreciation Award
Thank you appreciation award


Cute and Childish Templates

These designs are cute and childish. You can use one to create a thank you teacher certificate or awards for students who helped others at school. When students help others or volunteers give of their time, rewarding them will both motivate them and others to do the same. It costs practically nothing to make these certificates and their impact can be great.

Three butterflies
Yellow border with two bees
Blue border with two balloons, a heart and a blue banner


Pretty certificate template
Thank you teacher certificate



There is no required format for a thank-you award. All the templates have the following dummy text which can be edited:

Thank You

Presented to

[Type Name]


[Type Reason for Receiving the Award]

Date and Signature

You can make any changes to the thank you certificate wording. Add text, delete text, and move text around. You can also change the font and the font size.


While thank you can be a simple phrase, it can easily brighten up a person’s day. So, when someone has contributed to your work or project or helped you with a problem, let them know you appreciate their assistance.

Sample wording examples:

  • This Thank You certificate is awarded to (recipient name) for the outstanding contribution towards (name of the project). We hope you continue to be enthusiastic about the projects to come.
  • We truly appreciate the generous support (recipient name) has shown towards our organization. We’re really proud to have such people in society.
  • (Company name) sincerely appreciate your willingness and flexibility to help with (project name).
  • (Recipient name), thank you for your support and confidence. We are thrilled to have you on our team.
  • I hereby express my truest appreciation to (recipient name) in recognition of your continuous contributions to strengthening your team. Thank you!


Uses for these templates

  • Thank you for a gift, service, or for any help received
  • Donation certificate template
  • Volunteer certificate
  • Years of service certificate

Use these award templates to acknowledge something that someone did for you or gave to you. It can be a student, employee, volunteer, or donor.

The printable can be given as-is or with a symbolic gift such as flowers or candy. It’s a great way to express gratitude and show your appreciation.

If the award is given for a specific event then you might want to mention the event and the place and the date it took place.

How do you change the border or background?

  1. Click on any of the black buttons above to open the certificate maker.
  2. In the far right corner, you will see a selection of the ready-made certificates available. If you like one, click on it to open it.
  3. Click on “select background” to select a background. If you prefer your certificate to be in portrait orientation (vertical) then first select a portrait template.
  4. To change the ribbon, select another ribbon.
  5. Click on download to download the certificate to your PC.
  6. You can then print it or send it by email or WhatsApp.