Blank Certificate Templates

Free blank certificate templates with different certificate borders and designs. On this page, each blank certificate template is available in PDF format. You can only edit the text. However, with our free certificate maker, you can change the certificate border, and the ribbon, edit all text and add additional text. Use whichever format you prefer, they are both free!

blank certificates that you can customize on this site

You can edit the blank certificate template free of charge. Simply select the design that you like and download the PDF certificate. Click on the light blue text box and type your text. Repeat until you have added all text. Print!

If you prefer to use a template with text that you can edit then see our free certificate templates. Each template has sample certificate wording that you can edit.

A blank certificate template can be used as a starting point for creating custom certificates for various purposes, such as employee recognition, completion of training programs, or achievement awards. The template can be customized with the appropriate text, graphics, and layout to create a unique certificate that meets the specific needs of the organization or event.

A customizable certificate allows you to create a certificate with personalized details and design elements, such as:

  • Your own logo or branding: Incorporate your company’s logo, color scheme, and font to give the certificate a professional look that aligns with your brand.
  • Customizable fields: Add the recipient’s name, date, and any other specific details you want to include, such as course completion or achievement.
  • Design options: Choose from a range of design templates or create your own unique design to make the certificate stand out.
  • Formatting options: Adjust the layout, size, and orientation of the certificate to suit your specific needs.
  • Print or digital: Choose to print the certificate or save it as a digital file for online distribution.

Using a customizable certificate allows you to create a professional and personalized certificate that accurately reflects your brand and the recipient’s achievement. Using a blank certificate template can save time and effort by allowing you to create multiple certificates with the same design and format.

If you prefer to use a template with text that you can edit then see our free certificate templates.

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