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Samples of the certificates of appreciation you can customize on this site.

Certificate of Appreciation Template

You can edit all the text on the certificate templates. For example, in the following certificate template, it was changed to “Certificate of Appreciation”. You can change all the text and use the templates for any purpose. Click on the button below to open the free online certificate generator.

Appreciation Certificate Template


Appreciation Certificate


Certificate of Appreciation


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Certificate of Appreciation Wording

An appreciation certificate should include details such as the recipient’s name, the person awarding the certificate, the reason for receiving it, the date, and signature. All certificate of appreciation templates on this site include this standard wording. You can edit every word on the template. You can also add more text.

The certificate of appreciation sample templates available when you open the certificate maker include the following wording (which can be edited):

Certificate of Appreciation

Presented to

[Type Name]


[Type Reason for Receiving]

Date and Signature

Generic Wording

When presenting a certificate of appreciation, incorporate how that individual has helped your company. You should also consider what suits best on the certificate. Something concise and correct will be highly appreciated when displayed.

Sample wording examples:

  • Dedicated and loyal employees like you are the foundation of any successful organization. On behalf of (company name), I’d wish to express my appreciation for your contribution to our success.
  • The real measure of success is the number of barriers a person overcomes. Your tireless devotion to (project name) is an example to all.
  • In appreciation of your outstanding dedication, performance, and positive attitude towards your job at (company name) throughout (year)
  • With deep appreciation for your remarkable leadership skills and visionary guidance
  • At (company name), we genuinely appreciate your innovative ideas and outstanding work.

Wording for Employees

Employees will sometimes go out of their way to offer exemplary services in your organization. You should look for ways to recognize the employees for these exceptional efforts.

Sample wording examples:

  • Presented to (recipient name), Your loyalty and dedication have enabled us to become the best! Thank You! (company name)
  • It can be challenging to find remarkable leaders, and we are happy to have you among us. (Company name) appreciate the leadership skills that you’ve portrayed.
  • We are proud to have you as part of the (company) working family. We hope you keep up the excellent work for many years to come!
  • (Company name) I would like to recognize your effort, enthusiasm, and continuous willingness to go above and beyond your duties to assist customers and colleagues.
  • For years of incredible service where you helped implement the company objectives and enhance the lives of our clients and employees, this award recognizes our loyal employee (recipient name).

Wording for Volunteers

In an era where time is a jealously-guarded commodity, it’s vital to thank the volunteers who take time from their busy schedules to help out. Besides, volunteering takes energy and passion, and hence you should find the right words to show that you profoundly appreciate them.

Sample wording examples for a volunteer certificate of appreciation:

  • (Recipient name), your efforts exemplify the essence of what it means to be the change you wish to see. Thank you for your selfless and continuous volunteering service.
  • We’re humbled by your generosity, both financial donation, and volunteerism. We genuinely appreciate your unwavering support.
  • (Project name) couldn’t have been as successful without your contribution and involvement. Thank you for volunteering.
  • With the deepest gratitude for your dedication to serve, I thank you on behalf of (company name) and the individuals we serve.
  • Your selflessness to contribute to (company name) as a volunteer leader is really remarkable. You’re appreciated!

How to change the text

You can use these certificate templates for any purpose if you change the text. You can change both the title and the rest of the text. For example, if you want to change it to “Certificate of Completion” then double-click on the title and type the title that you would like to appear. Instead of the reason for receiving the award, you can describe the program or course that the recipient completed. Change the text to prepare certificates for donor appreciation, appreciation in the workforce, certificates for volunteers, etc. Once you have the free download on your PC you can print it at home or at your local office supplies store. You can print on standard paper and you don’t need special paper. However, thicker cardstock will create a more professional result.

How to change the font
  1. You can change the font style or color.
  2. Click on the text you want to edit. The text box will be selected.
  3. Click on the font (top right-hand corner).
  4. Select the font you would like to use from the long list of available fonts.

Why is gratitude in the workplace important?

Appreciation in the workplace can keep employees satisfied, engaged, and motivated. Lack of gratitude is one of the major causes of job dissatisfaction, absenteeism, lack of motivation, and burnout.

Appreciation in the workplace is vital, according to Dr. Robert Emmons, UC Davis psychology professor and author of The Little Book of Gratitude: Creating a Life of Happiness and Wellbeing by Giving Thanks. Robert claims that gratitude is a key to happiness, and happiness increases your productivity and work quality (for example, greater productivity, higher quality of work, greater occupational attainment).

Findings from the Workhuman Analytics and Research Institute, show that workers are looking for meaningful work at organizations where they feel recognized and respected more than pay or free food or a fun team. The study showed that frequent recognition is associated with higher gratitude levels and lower stress levels.

What are the benefits of gratitude in the workplace

Using a certificate of appreciation for employees can have the following benefits:

Gratitude motivates employees

81% of employees reported that they’re motivated to work harder when their boss shows appreciation for their work, according to a Glassdoor survey. An employee recognition certificate is a great way to show gratitude and appreciation.

Gratitude makes employees more committed to their jobs

Happy employees are less likely to leave and more inclined to be committed to their jobs. 53% of employees admit they would stay longer at their company if they felt more appreciation from their boss, according to a Glassdoor survey. These employees are more engaged and dedicated to their place of work.

Gratitude creates a positive organizational culture

As mentioned above, gratitude causes happiness. When colleagues are happier, they experience better social interactions, have more motivation and energy, and are more pleasant to be around. When employees feel appreciated, it limits negativity, complaints, gossip, and other symptoms of lack of appreciation.  Workplace morale improves. Therefore, an organizational culture of appreciation and kindness can bring multiple benefits to your team and company.

Gratitude improves job performance

When the workplace environment is better, employee performance improves. Appreciation lets employees know that their work is valued. It motivates them and makes them more productive and committed to their jobs.

Appreciation turns employees into company advocates

Before someone takes on a job at a new company, they are likely to ask other employees what it’s like to work for the company. This will encourage new talent to join the group.

How to give appreciation

For some people, expressing gratitude doesn’t come easy. They find it easier to focus on what their employees are doing wrong than appreciate what they are doing right. These managers will significantly benefit from making a conscious effort to express gratitude and appreciation. There are many ways to show employee appreciation, such as:

Thank You Certificate

You can use any of the above templates to offer thanks but we also offer specific Thank You Certificate templates.

Ongoing positive feedback and expressing thanks for good work

Ideally, managers should give recognition daily via ongoing positive feedback and expressing gratitude for good work. However, some managers do not remember to do this and need a reminder.

Certificates of Appreciation

Awarding a “Certificate of Appreciation” to a different employee each week, month or year offers an opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate employees’ work even if managers forget or find it difficult to express gratitude.

Gift Cards

You can award gift cards for dinner, a spa session, happy hour, etc.

Gift Certificates

You can use our free gift certificate template to customize a gift voucher with your company logo.

Company-sponsored Social Event

Organize fun events for employees (with or without their families).

Public Recognition

Recognition at a meeting or in a company newsletter can make employees feel appreciated.

Cash Bonus

Letter of Appreciation

Since all the text is editable you can use the templates to create an appreciation letter. To create a letter of appreciation either start with a blank canvas or edit the text to write a letter.

When is Employee Appreciation Day?

Employee Appreciation Day falls on the first Friday of March in the US and Canada. However, we suggest that you recognize your employees throughout the year and not only on Employee Appreciation Day. As mentioned above, studies show that their productivity will increase as a result. It’s a win-win situation!