Perfect Attendance Award

Free editable and printable perfect attendance award that you can edit before you print. You can change the text and/or the border. The following are only samples. There are many more certificate designs available once you open the certificate maker app.

A sample of the Perfect Attendance Award templates on this site.

Perfect attendance certificate
award certificate


Participation certificate
Perfect attendance


attendance certificate
Attendance template
Attendance award
attendance award


award template
Participation template
Participation award
Certificate for kid
award certificate


A perfect attendance award is a recognition given to individuals who have achieved 100% attendance in a certain period. This type of award is often given in educational settings, such as schools or universities, or in the workplace. The award recognizes and rewards individuals for their commitment and dedication to attending all classes or workdays. The award can take many forms, including a certificate, trophy, or other tangible item. The purpose of the award is to encourage individuals to continue attending regularly and to show appreciation for their effort and reliability.

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