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We offer a free online certificate maker that allows you to select any border, edit text, and add images for free. However, some people still prefer a certificate template in Word format. For those people, we offer a selection of free certificate templates for Word.

Select a Certificate Template Word

Each Microsoft Word certificate template is also available in PDF format for those who don’t have Word. You can also use our free online certificate maker to edit certificates and to download them for free.

Generic Award Certificate Template Word

Certificate of Completion Template Word

Certificate of Appreciation Template Word

Certificate of Achievement Template Word

How to make a certificate in Word?

Look through the selection above and choose a template that you like. You are not limited to one template and you can download free certificate templates for Word as often as you want without any registration or charge.

Once you have selected a design click on the Word option to download the certificate template in Word format.

There is no need to make a certificate in Word from scratch. Use any of our templates and make any changes that you want to it.

How to edit a certificate template in Word?

Open the certificate template you downloaded from this site.

Click on the text to edit it. You can change all text on the page and therefore use the template for any purpose. For example, to create a Certificate of Completion template in Word format, click on the title and change it to “Certificate of Completion”. Edit the text accordingly. Use can use the template to create a diploma or any other award template in Word format.

To make blank certificate templates, simply delete the text or see our blank certificate templates.

If there is an MS Word award certificate template that you would like us to add to the selection then please leave a comment below.

How to save in PDF format

Whereas it is very convenient to edit the template with Microsoft Word, you might want to send it by email in another format. PDF is a great option as it enables people to view the document without them being able to edit it. All they need is a PDF viewer which they probably already have. If they don’t, they can download it for free and it will enable them to view other PDF documents. Most PCs have a PDF viewer already installed.

When you have finished editing the certificate, go to file-< save as. Type the file’s name and then select PDF as the file type. Click on enter and your file should now be in PDF format as well as Word.

How to add an image

You can add an image to your award template. To do so, go to “insert” and then select “image”. Find the location of the image and then click on OK. Now, right-click on your mouse and select “Image behind text”. You can now drag your image to wherever you want it to appear. You can use this method to upload your company logo. You can also add an image of the recipient. If the certificate is for each person in a group (such as a certificate of completion for a course) then you can add a group photo of all the people in the group. This way the certificate will be not only for the achievement but it will also serve as a reminder of the special memories and the people who participated.

Should you use the Word format or the PDF format?

Each certificate template is available in two different formats: Microsoft Word or an editable PDF file. Some people might be unsure about which format is better for them.

If really depends on how much you want to edit the award template.

The PDF format is easier to use since you just type your text. However, you can make no changes at all to the other text. You cannot add text and you cannot edit the titles. You can fill in the certificate and add in the details but no more. You also can’t move elements around. You cannot add a logo or an image.

With the Word format, you can edit all the text and not only the text that needs to be filled out. You can move the text anywhere and you can add additional text. You can also add a logo or an image.

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