Basketball Certificates

A selection of free printable basketball certificate templates for coaches, schools, and parents. The basketball certificates can be customized online with your own text and image but since each element can be changed your certificate can be totally unique even if you are using the same template that other teams might use.

You can also add the name of your basketball club, team or league. In addition to the name, you can upload a logo (if you have one).

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Sports award certificate
Basketball court background

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Colored template with basketball
Blue border with space for a photo
Green template with red ribbon on basketball
Orange frame with silhouette of basketball player

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Basketball player silhouette with green frame
Sky and grass with a basketball
Picture of a trophy with a red ribbon
Orange border with green frame around the ball. Gold ribbon under the title "Award Certificate"

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Red and white stripes
Grassy slope with a basketball rolling
Grey frame with basketball theme
Basketball award certificate

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Basketball certificate
Frame made of basketballs
Award certificate
Blue border with space for a photo

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Huge basketball
Basketball court - you can replace with your photo
Basketball post
Sport award certificate
Basketball player silhouette
Award certificates

Make a Free Certificate

The above basketball award certificates were all created with our free certificate maker. You can create various awards according to your specific needs. For example, if you want to create a “Certificate of Participation” then just edit the title. Every word can be edited.

How to Add a Photo

Some of the basketball awards certificates have space for a photo. You can add a photo of an individual player or of the entire basketball team.

How to Create a Basketball Certificate

Fill in the player’s name, the reason for receiving the award, who is presenting the award and the date.  You can edit or delete any line so feel free to make any changes.

  1. Open the basketball certificate maker.
  2. Select a template design that you like.
  3. Edit the certificate wording.

Open Free Certificate Maker

Basketball Award Ideas

Each basketball award template can be used for any award related to basketball. Here are some ideas:

  • Player of the day
  • Player of the week
  • Player of the month
  • Player of the year
  • Best player of the season
  • Top scorer
  • Best coach
  • Coolest coach
  • Best assistant coach
  • Coolest assistant coach
  • Best team spirit
  • Best defense
  • Best offense
  • Furthest shot
  • Best shooter
  • Best blocker
  • Most improved player
  • Most valuable player (MVP)
  • The highest number of goals
  • Best teamwork
  • Best dribble
  • Most stamina
  • Most motivated player
  • Most supportive player
  • Most supportive parent/s
  • Perfect practice attendance
  • Perfect game attendance
  • Most valuable sponsor
  • Most supportive sponsor
  • Certificate of sportsmanship
  • Most impressive ball control
  • Most positive player


Funny Awards

Here are some ideas for funny awards if you know that your players will not be offended:

  • Late most often
  • Maximum penalties
  • Least motivated
  • Best dressed
  • Most style
  • Most creative excuses
  • Most skeptical player
  • Most pessimistic player
  • Best hair
  • Funniest player

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