101 Funny Employee Awards

101 Funny Employee Awards

You can create free custom funny office awards on this site with your company logo. Select any certificate template and choose any of the fun employee awards titles below.


Creating humorous awards can be a fun and inventive way to show appreciation and lift spirits in the workplace. Here is a list of 101 funny employee awards:

Office-Themed Awards

  1. Desk Decorator Supreme – For the employee with the most interesting desk decorations.
  2. Sticky Note Picasso – For the best sticky note drawings.
  3. Chair Spinner Champion – For the employee caught spinning in their chair the most.
  4. Chatterbox Award – For the most talkative employee.
  5. Office DJ Award – For the person who always plays the best/worst music in the office.

Productivity/Work Ethic Awards

  1. Coffee Connoisseur Award – For the person who takes their coffee very seriously.
  2. Multitasking Maestro – For juggling numerous tasks at once.
  3. Speed Typer Award – For typing faster than anyone else.
  4. The Early Bird – For the employee who’s always first to arrive.
  5. The Night Owl Award – For those who burn the midnight oil.

Fun and Quirky Awards

  1. Elevator DJ Award – For the employee who can’t resist pushing the elevator buttons.
  2. Sneaker Award – For the quietest walker.
  3. Laugh Box – For the employee with the most infectious laugh.
  4. Snack King/Queen – For the person who has the best snack drawer.
  5. Drama King/Queen – For the most dramatic reactions.

Dress Code Awards

  1. Flashy Dresser Award – For the boldest wardrobe.
  2. Mismatch Master – For the most unique clothing combinations.
  3. Casual Friday Enthusiast – For someone who loves dressing down.
  4. Sock Symphony Award – For the employee with the most colorful socks.
  5. Sneakerhead Award – For the employee with the coolest sneakers.

Efficiency/Innovation Awards

  1. Idea Machine – For the employee constantly suggesting new ideas.
  2. Human Calculator – For the employee who can do math in their head.
  3. Eco Warrior – For the most environmentally friendly employee.
  4. The MacGyver Award – For someone who can fix anything with limited resources.
  5. Master of Improvisation – For the most creative problem solver.

Meeting/Communication Awards

  1. Meeting Maverick – For the one who shines in meetings.
  2. Presentation Prodigy – For creating the most engaging presentations.
  3. Email Ninja – For writing the clearest and most concise emails.
  4. Buzzword Buzzer – For using the most buzzwords in a conversation.
  5. Emoji Enthusiast – For using the most emojis in chat messages.

Interpersonal Awards

  1. Office Mediator – For the employee who resolves disputes.
  2. Social Butterfly Award – For the person who knows everyone.
  3. Team Cheerleader – For the most encouraging and supportive colleague.
  4. Office Mom/Dad – For the caring and nurturing employee.
  5. Most Likely to be BFFs – For two coworkers who are inseparable.

Skills & Hobbies Awards

  1. Doodle Master – For the best doodler.
  2. Origami Guru – For making the most intricate paper creations.
  3. Karaoke King/Queen – For the best (or worst) singer in the office.
  4. Puzzle Solver Award – For the one who loves challenges.
  5. Baking Boss – For the best baked goods provider.

Tech & Tools Awards

  1. Tech Whiz Award – For solving any tech-related problem.
  2. Spreadsheet Sorcerer – For the best Excel skills.
  3. Software Wizard – For mastering any new software with ease.
  4. Gadget Guru – For having the latest gadgets.
  5. Quick Draw Award – For the fastest mouse clicker.

Attendance & Time Management Awards

  1. Calendar Captain – For never missing a deadline.
  2. Time Traveler – For managing their time exceptionally well.
  3. Clock Watcher – For always knowing when it’s time to go.
  4. Perfect Attendance – For never missing a day of work.
  5. Workaholic Award – For the one who never takes a break.

Office Games & Entertainment Awards

  1. Ping Pong Prodigy – For the undefeated table tennis champion.
  2. Foosball Fanatic – For the most dedicated foosball player.
  3. Board Game Baron/Baroness – For the most competitive board game player.
  4. Card Shark – For the best poker face and card game skills.
  5. Video Game Virtuoso – For the highest score in office video games.

Work From Home Awards

  1. Zoom Zen Master – For the most composed presence in virtual meetings.
  2. Virtual Background Virtuoso – For the most creative Zoom backgrounds.
  3. Slipper Award – For always being comfortable working from home.
  4. Home Office Hero – For the most organized home workspace.
  5. Mute Master – For always remembering to unmute before speaking.

Food & Beverage Awards

  1. Tea Time Award – For the most knowledgeable tea enthusiast.
  2. Lunch Legend – For having the most enviable lunches.
  3. Smoothie King/Queen – For making the most delicious smoothies.
  4. Water Cooler Award – For the most interesting water cooler conversations.
  5. Chocoholic Award – For the biggest chocolate lover.
  6. Sweet Tooth Award – For the love of sweets and desserts.
  7. Hot Sauce Hero – For adding hot sauce to everything.

Miscellaneous & Funny Awards

  1. Quote Machine – For the most memorable sayings.
  2. Office Prankster – For the most inventive pranks.
  3. Trendsetter Award – For the most fashionable and hip employee.
  4. Meme Lord/Lady – For sharing the funniest memes.
  5. Jargon Jedi – For using the most office jargon.
  6. Copycat Award – For mimicking colleagues in a funny way.
  7. Chatterbox Champion – For being the most talkative in group chats.
  8. Optical Illusion Award – For appearing to be working hard when hardly working.
  9. Pantry Raider Award – For the one who’s always first to the snacks.
  10. Mystical Predictor Award – For the employee who makes the most (in)accurate predictions about company future.
  11. Invisible Employee Award – For the employee who manages to keep the lowest profile.

Optimism and Positivity Awards

  1. Ray of Sunshine Award – For the most positive attitude.
  2. Smile Award – For the most infectious smile.
  3. Cheerful Charger – For always energizing the team.
  4. Positive Spirit Award – For maintaining a positive outlook in any situation.
  5. High-Five Award – For giving the most encouraging high fives.

Fitness & Health Awards

  1. Step Counter Champion – For the most steps walked in a day.
  2. Gym Rat Award – For the most dedicated gym-goer.
  3. Wellness Warrior – For the most health-conscious employee.
  4. Yoga Master – For the best stress-reducing yoga poses.
  5. Marathon Runner – For completing the most marathons.

Creativity and Innovation Awards

  1. Idea Generator – For constantly coming up with new and innovative ideas.
  2. Creativity King/Queen – For the most creative mind in the office.
  3. Brainstorming Whiz – For contributing the most ideas during brainstorming sessions.
  4. Out-of-the-Box Thinker – For the most unconventional solutions.

Organizational Awards

  1. Clutter King/Queen – For having the messiest desk.
  2. Neat Freak Award – For maintaining the tidiest workspace.
  3. Organization Guru – For having the most organized desk and files.
  4. Detail Detective – For paying attention to the smallest details.
  5. List Maker Extraordinaire – For making lists for everything.

Punctuality Awards

  1. Early Bird Award – For always being early to work and meetings.
  2. Just-in-Time Award – For arriving exactly on time, every time.
  3. Late Comer Comedian – For having the best reasons for being late.

OK, so we have already hit 101 awards but here are three bonus awards for the environment!

Environmental Awards

  1. Recycling Ranger – For being the most dedicated to recycling.
  2. Green Thumb Award – For maintaining the best office plants.
  3. Eco-Friendly Award – For the most environmentally-friendly practices.

These awards are intended to be lighthearted and humorous, and should be presented in a manner that maintains a positive and inclusive atmosphere in the workplace.


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