Baby’s First Haircut Certificate

One of the essential landmark souvenirs in one’s life is a first haircut keepsake. It’s usually beautiful – and memorable as well. Marked with a certificate signifies an important life phenomenon, and that’s the pre-eminent existence of life. In most world cultures, it marks a new life with an abundant benediction of health and form. However, to some, first haircuts are believed to cleanse a child of undesirable traits from former lives. Either way, first haircuts bear a lot of significance.

Baby's first haircut

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Baby’s First Haircut

It’s vital to get the right timing for cutting your child’s first hair and understanding how to do it right. Therefore, here’s a guide to help you out.

When to cut a baby’s hair

Although there’s no specified time to cut your baby’s first hair, most people prefer doing it when they are six months old. During this time, they usually begin to sit and hold their heads on their own. Some may do it in toddlerhood, but this depends on how fast the hair grows. If it grows too fast, it may prompt you to cut it sooner. Nevertheless, you can use a few signs that herald the right time to trim your baby’s first hair. They include:

When hair overgrowth bothers the baby

When the hair locks nag the baby by blocking their sight, and seem to be pushing it aside more often, then it’s time you cut them. Would you mind not leaving them to overgrow past the forehead downwards?

When the hair growth is uneven

Sometimes, the hair can grow unevenly with patches that make your baby look unkempt. Well, it’ll irritate you, and so, cutting it may sound just fine. If you feel like it’s so soon to cut it, you can find a stylist to make it look better.

When maintaining it is hectic

If your kid feels uncomfortable when combing or washing the hair, or even when spraying it, then cutting it is viable. You don’t want to see them cry every morning or evening because it disturbs their peace.


Tips on how to cut your baby’s first hair the right way

For untroubled cutting of your kid’s hair, ensure that they are of age, probably a year old – or more, if their hair growth rate is slow. If you can do it yourself at home, then that’s even better. But if you can’t, and you feel nervy about it, take them to a salon for a professional to do it right.

However, make sure you sync their happiest moods with the cutting because sometimes children get nervous about these haircuts and can turn the salon into the ‘loud house.’

If your baby feels nervous about it, try making it fun. Improvise a game, or make funny faces to distract them so that they don’t even realize that anyone’s cutting their hair.

How to preserve a lock of hair

You’re going to keep the lock for a long time, or rather a lifetime. Therefore, you need to store it in a place that will not be picked out for disposal or getting thrown. The good thing with hair is that they don’t decompose, giving you the edge if you want it to last longer.

Put the lock in a plastic artifact jar or any container that you can seal tightly. Then, label it with the date of the cut and age before tossing it in your souvenir basket. Or, a convenient way of storing the hair lock is in an acid-free envelope.


First memories – and everything first and significant in our lives – are always good to keep us reminiscent of our pasts. Therefore, it’s good to preserve them and hold on to those beautiful memories. If possible, put the first lock of hair safe for your little ones to constantly remind them about this critical milestone.


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