Community Service Award

Generous with their talents and time, the people offering community service bring life and light to several charitable and community endeavors. Recognizing and appreciating these individuals for their incredible contributions is a crucial part of your organization.

Community Award Template

Certificate Maker

community service award certificate

community service award certificates community service certificates

Certificate Maker

Community Award Wording

Sample wording examples:

  • Presented to (recipient name). In grateful appreciation of your untiring hard work and efforts in organizing the (year) (community event).
  • This certificate is awarded to (name) in appreciation for the years of exemplary service, support, and concern as a member of (community organization).
  • Community Award of Gratitude. This commendation is bestowed upon (recipient name) as a symbol to recognize their enduring commitment to (community project).
  • Presented to (recipient name) for the numerous hours of devotion and encouragement you have so selflessly given.
  • Recognizing (recipient name) for your treasured support in time of great need at the sacrifice of your need. For that and so much more, We, the (community name), appreciate you!
  • Presented to (recipient name) for the 100 hours of community work you have so selflessly given.

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